How to Choose The Car Seats Without Penalty

How to Choose The Car Seats Without Penalty – “Article 172 of the Highway Code” obliges parents of babies weighing up to 36 kilograms, and no taller than a meter and a half to the use of car safety seats when traveling by car on the road. The protection devices vary according to age and weight of the

Children killed by seats: it is dangerous to let them sleep in your car?

How many times have you connected the baby in the car seat without taking the jacket , glad to see him sleep? According to the an investigation is a habit that could prove potentially risky, because in these conditions would arise respiratory problems with fatal consequences. This investigation which sounded the alarm on the risk of choking,

Car seat: How to choose the right one for your child

What does the Code of the road on the car seat? The transportation of children in vehicles is regulated by Article 172 of the Highway Code and provides some very simple rules: each once deals with a seat of a vehicle equipped with seat belts , they should be used for all adults and for those with a

Car Seat – Over 9 out of 10 Parents Don’t Use It Correctly

If used correctly, car seats can reduce mortality and the risk of injury in 71% of the children in case of car accident. Unfortunately, the figures show that these seats are not always well used by adults. In 2013 the United States, 8,500 children were hospitalized and 135 have died, after a car accident. Parents

Car Seat & Coats: A Dangerous Combination

New crash tests highlight the dangers faced by children who wear a big winter coat in their car seats. The US television network NBC has just recalled, with several crash tests, the importance of tying her children away. It is critical to properly tighten the straps of the child seat to each child’s installation, but

The US Auto-Sector Reborn and Worried

Auto sales in the United States set a new record in 2015. On paper, the sector has turned the page on the crisis but at the cost of an explosion of toxic loans. This is THE meeting place for lovers of big cars. The show car in Detroit opened its doors to the public on

Detroit Auto Show Going Good For VW

The Detroit Auto Show opened Monday with nerves of steel after a car record year in the US, except for Volkswagen whose boss apologized to Americans for the scandal in the rigged engines. Every year, thousands of journalists and professionals converged Monday morning to “Cobo center” in the heart of the US capital of the

Opening the International Auto Show in Detroit

As usual, it is the announcement of the vehicle and truck of the year that launched the edition 2016. This is the Volvo XC 90, which was voted Truck of the Year. That was twelve years the Swedish brand had not updated his luxury sport utility vehicle through. The model was preferred against the Honda

Just 5% parents know how to install a car seat

By car, all children under ten must be installed in a car seat. And yet, in 95% of cases, parents commit at least one error to install these child seats. A bond far from being respected. On the road, all children under ten must be installed in a car seat for their age, weight and

The future of the automobile is played more in Vegas than in Detroit

The Detroit auto show opened on Monday as the industry resumes all over the world and especially in the United States. he Detroit Auto Show will be held from January 11 to 24, celebrates the automobile eternal, that of increasing. Stronger, bigger, more sophisticated and energy efficient, too. In a context of cheap gasoline and